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Evading The ShadowsEvading the Shadows is a novel; spy thriller set during the Mahabharata. But, the narrative and style is such that it attracts the younger generation; a generation that loves good stories told well. 

What is Evading the Shadows?

Like the baseline says: A fictional spy thriller set during the Mahabharata. It is a fast-paced, action-packed novel targeted at young and elder readers alike. The novel deals with the little known segment of the much-chronicled epic: Thirteenth year of the Pandavs' exile. In the thirteen year, the Pandavs are to hide from the many Kaurav spies. The terms decided in the game dice was that, if found out, the Pandavs will have to undergo thirteen more years of exile in the forest. This book is a fictional representation of how the Pandavs saved themselves from being caught by these spies.

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